Canonical Consulting specializes in creating RIAs – Rich Internet Applications, in other words, applications that are able to deliver Access to Anyone Authorized Anytime, Anyplace on Any Device.This is the evolutionary direction of computing as chips gets ever cheaper yet ever more powerful while the associated hardware support structure of memory, disk capacity and communication bandwidth keep in near lock step. are. The challenge is to deliver n-tier distributed systems, as simply as possible.

Most developers know intuitively that software development has become much more complex – simply because an application is no longer confined to one machine nor to one place but rather smeared over many interacting “clients” and “servers”. As well an application’s transactions are also smeared over time as they become ever longer in duration and with ever more risk of exceptions, conflict and required disengagement – a clean rollback. Finally, 8A redoubles the effort levels required of GUI developers because they must be prepared to interact gracefully and usably in widely varying display modes. Now these new needs also impose demands for higher levels of security, reliability and performance requirements. The operational world of software has moved from a formerly benign world to become hacker hostile. In sum it is no surprise software development has become more complex.

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